Your Mug Will Like This Glowy Coaster

Your Mug Will Like This Glowy Coaster

[Charlyn] preferred to emphasize their mates beautiful mug collection, so the Glowy Coaster was born.

The coaster is manufactured up of six levels of laser cut acrylic. The major and bottom layer are reduce out of distinct acrylic, delivering a flat surface for the coaster. A leading sample layer manufactured of pearl acrylic has a skinny piece of vellum put beneath it to provide diffusion for the LED strip sandwiched inside of. The center layers are created of peach acrylic and have their centers hollowed out to supply area for the electronics inside. The major pearl acrylic layer presents the coaster, as [Charlyn] writes, a “subtle contact of elegance”. The coaster by itself is screwed with each other by an M3 screw at every single stage of the hexagon that feed by way of to warmth-established inserts.

inside of glowy coaster with electronics exposed

The electronics consist of a short NeoPixel strip, lower to involve 12 LEDs pointed in towards the centre of the coaster. The LEDs are pushed by a Trinket M0 microcontroller with a LiPo “backpack” to supply ability, attachment points for the uncovered electricity switch and recharging capacity to the 110 mAh 3.7 V battery. The code is a slightly modified NeoPixel “rainbow” wheel loop (resource obtainable as a gist). The design and style data files are obtainable by means of Thingiverse.

Creations like these emphasize how a great deal treatment and work goes into a undertaking with negligible splendor, exactly where decisions, like the opacity and thickness of the acrylic or countersinking the M3 screws, can have big consequences for the over-all aesthetic. [Charlyn] has an focus to element that provides an further contact of professionalism and polish to the undertaking.

Coasters are a favored for laser chopping and we’ve included quite a few distinct varieties, like
coaster bots, coaster engravers and even a coloration shifting, consume sensing coasters.

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