Why It Is Better to Remove These Things from Your Website

Remove These 8 Things From Your Website And Rank High On Google - Helper

When it comes to digital marketing strategy, there are some things that your website is better off without. This is to help maximize user engagement and conversion rates. Your web design should be able to engage a visitor looking for a solution and coaxing them to take the desired action as quickly as possible. This includes providing ample information to educate your audience on why they need to take such action.

With that, here are the things that you should not include in your Web Design Brisbane:

Unnecessary, Non-Informative Headlines

If users land on your website, they should know what it is that you do and what the benefits are within seconds.  You can start by testing your headline in your web design.  It is the first thing that people see when they reach your website. Make sure that it does the job of capturing the attention of your target market.

Too Many Long Paragraphs

You may think you have the best product out there; and thus, you want to fill your site as much information as possible regarding your product. However, keep in mind that the attention span of online users is diminishing. It means that people only skim, instead of reading. With that, highlight the main elements and support them with benefit-driven bullet points.

The same applies to using technical terms or slang words that only people within your company may understand. Keep your visitors in mind and think about how they will respond to all that technical language. Remember that your visitors only care about the benefits your business can provide.

Use the Same Stock Photos as Other Websites Do

While the stock photo of the young woman wearing a headset is a nice depiction of your quality customer service. But, the same woman may also represent multiple other companies. It is best to get creative with the images you choose in your web design because they definitely matter.

You may use stock photos, but only as a starting point. A web designer can help you make something custom using the images you choose and test them. Refrain from using stock images, as they are generic and boring, having no personality behind them.  

Multiple CTAs

Try to focus on a single call to action. When they come to your website, users want a solution to their problems. It does not help if you present them with 10 different paths and options. If your main goal is to get your visitors to sign up for a free trial, do not give them an option for a registration link for your upcoming webinar, a demo, or a download link to your recent white paper. Instead, focus on your goal and guide your visitors to that goal.

Unnecessary Menu Items

The menu on your web design should be simple. It is the focal point of your website, so present it to your visitors in a way that will not prevent them from doing the action that you want them to do. 

The role of the menu is to support the end goal, using it as leverage and a way to educate and lead your visitors down the path. Featuring 10 menu options with 30 sub-menus each can be overwhelming.  If this is the case, then it must be 10X worse for your leads.

Social Media

You may have growing Twitter followers and an amazing Facebook page, but you should not make them as focal points. Presenting all your social media platforms on your web design will only distract people from your desired results. 

You can put your social media icons in the footer or your blog to urge users to connect with you. But, do not place them at the top of your landing page or homepage, as you would lose some valuable conversions. 

Moreover, do not put those icons on your product pages. Many tests reveal that their presence can lower about 40% of your conversion rates. It can divert the attention of your potential customers from the objective, which is to add an item to the cart and then checkout.

Long Forms

Most online users are not happy with filling out a long form in order to get more information about a product or service they are interested in. You may think that getting as many details as possible aids in the quality of a sales lead, but nobody wants to do that, with all the busy lifestyles they have.

Preferably, only ask for the minimum amount of information from your visitors, then qualify and nurture after obtaining the information. It does not help you have potential customers on your website and are unable to connect with them. 

Press Releases

A press release is not entertaining, educational, and surely not a blog post. It is an announcement that is made for members of the press. They are added to websites or uploaded as PDFs. It means that press releases are not usually written for the web.

If you expect that people will find your web design compelling if it has a press release, know that many studies indicate that they won’t. In fact, it may be one of the least convincing things to add to your website.


Research has revealed that few visitors use the slider, and when they do, it is often the first slide they click on and then stop. Instead of having a solid marketing message in your web design, sliders give different calls to action in a rotating billboard. The result is a big mess and a weak marketing strategy. 

Why don’t you focus on having a single clear introduction message, a CTA in your header, and leave out the sliders?

Dates on the Blog

One effective content strategy is to write helpful and valuable how-to articles and publish them to your readers. What’s great about these articles is that they do not go out of style. It means they are useful today and probably after a few years more. So, do you need to add a date?

Adding dates to your headlines or blog design will only make your posts old in the future. With that, do not show the date if it is not relevant. Also, make sure your URLs do not include any date.