Web Design Trends: Introduce Your Business This 2022

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A lot of companies partner up with a white label web design company to help their company flourish and go up the search engine ranking, attracting natural traffic to their website. But is working with a white label website designer right for you? You could find white label web design near you to help you with web design trends: introduce your business this 2022.

What are the Most User-Friendly Website Designs this year?

  1. Modern minimalism

In recent years, the more modern and minimalistic design gives this aesthetically pleasing touch to your website, showing off the character of your website. You could take advantage of all of the white space to help your audience to focus on the thing that they have to focus on. Having too much on your website would make your website more cluttered.

  1. Micro animations

Animation has been used in web design for the longest time, but the use of micro animation is currently trending this year. Add some small movements on the animations to help bring the whole page to life, which would make the people visiting your site be more interested in your website. 

You could also use these micro animations to help emphasize areas that are important in your area and maybe even help tell a story, illustrating your company vision and values.

  1. Dark mode

The dark mode for websites has been trending for a while now, and it will continue to trend this year. You could allow your visitor to choose whether they want the page to be in the dark or light mode so that it could cater to the kind of environment that they are in.

  1. Color schemes

Using the right and gradient color schemes would immediately help catch the attention of people who visit your site, and has a big impact on how your website looks as a whole. This is a current trend that would allow you to experiment with different color pallets that would be unique to you and your brand since there could be a lot of color combinations that you could try.

  1. Rotating animations

Adding some rotating animations on your website has also been a current trend that usually makes the customers or the people visiting your site more curious. They may see this as a refreshing and fun way to catch their attention, giving them this unique and interesting experience every time they visit or refresh the page.

  1. Storytelling

Make your website more interactive, use animation to help tell a story and engage with the customers since they would respond more to websites that are interactive and responsive. 

There are a lot of creative ways that you could tell a story, which includes using the scroll to help give them a visual explanation of what you want them to know, effectively bringing more awareness to your brand.

  1. Color branding

When you are choosing the color for your brand, you could use color-coding as a way to help with all of your different products. For your website, you could make the page color change every time they navigate and interact with all of these different images on the page.

  1. Dynamic landing pages

To keep the people engaged, add some responsive website design elements to your landing page to keep their attention and stay on your website longer. Make it fun, fresh, and engaging.

  1. Attention-grabbing titles

You could design your website to have these large and eye-catching titles that would interest the viewers. You could make your title large, with bold font, and even add a shorter and summarized part of the blog or article at the beginning.

  1. Scroll-triggered animations 

Using a scroll-triggered animation would encourage your customers to scroll through your web page since they would be interested and amused by the animation that pops up on their screen every time they scroll down. 

When you are using this trend though, you have to make sure that it is not too distracting and that the message would still be pushed across and the viewer would not be left confused about the purpose of the animation.

What is White Label Web Design?

White label web design is a web design that a white label company would make for you but you would be able to label the design as your own, advertising it as your own work and claiming that you have made it. They have no attachment to their work whatsoever, and could even do the maintenance for you.

How Does it Work?

White label web design companies would make it easier for your branding because they are experts at this so you would not have to do your own research and put more effort than needed to know the technical side of things, be able to offer more services to your clients, reduce more time on the market, give you cost-effective solutions that would be able to fit in during time crunches, and add more value to your website.