Upgrade Your Toshiba Laptop Memory

It’s easier than you think to upgrade your Toshiba laptop memory yourself. You can avoid the cost of hiring a computer tech for this simple upgrade. To begin, have the spec sheet from the manufacturer, a Phillips head screwdriver with a non-magnetic tip, your new Toshiba laptop memory SODIMMs, a cup and an anti-static wrist wrap or mat. The anti-static wrist strap or mat protects against electrostatic discharges.

You can’t just install memory in your laptop. You have to know the maximum capacity allowed for your computer. You can find this in the spec sheet. Next, you need to know how much memory and what kind of RAM is currently being used in your laptop. The spec sheet can also help you with this or you can visit a site like Crucial.com that has a free memory advisor tool.

Once you have your required memory, turn your laptop off. Be sure to disconnect the power cord and any other devices. Remove the battery so that there will be no energy flowing through the laptop as you work. You will need to ground yourself with an anti-static wrist wrap or mat to prevent damage to the chips in your laptop.

Locate your memory access compartment, which is normally under the laptop. Some models may have the memory access compartment under the keyboard. The specs will tell you where the memory access compartment is for your specific Toshiba model. Unscrew the screws and place them in your cup. If the memory access compartment is underneath the keyboard, you will have to remove the laptop frame that is over the keyboard and then unscrew the screws securing the keyboard to the machine and gently put the keyboard aside.

Press the tabs that are keeping the memory in place to release it. Remove the old memory and insert your new Toshiba laptop memory. Push the slot down until it clicks. Replace all the screws to secure the memory in place. Replace your battery and power cord so that you can turn on the laptop and see how it is working.

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