Things to Look for When Choosing a CISSP Training Course

The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is a very sought after certification in the field of information technology. This certification basically signifies that you have the adequate skills and knowledge to deal with information security. Hence, it is perfect for persons who work in the area of information security.

If you plan on being CISSP certified, it is crucial that you first be successful in your CISSP certification examination. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a CISSP training course. There are many of these courses available, but choosing the right one can be the difference between your failure and your success. Here are a few tips to help you when choosing a training course for your CISSP examination.

Use a Referral – One of the best ways to locate just about any kind of product or service that you need is through other persons who have tested the particular service and product and found it satisfying. Hence, if you know anyone, whether friend, family or co-worker who has taken a CISSP course before and was successful mainly as a result of the training reserved during the course, ask for a referral to the particular institution.

Instructor’s Credential – In choosing a course you want to ensure that your instructor has sufficient knowledge to adequately impart the material to you in a way that you will both grasp and understand. Hence your instructor should at least have a CISSP certification.

However, consider that you are looking for someone that is very knowledgeable you would want someone with other certifications. These certifications include CCSP and CCNP, CompTIA’s Security+, Cisco CCIE, (ISC)2’s CISSP, Microsoft MCT, ISACA’s CISA and the list goes on.

Hands on Training – Considering that after receiving your certification you will be required to demonstrate the skills learnt, it would be good to find a course that not only gives you the theory but also provides you with hands on training. Not only would this prepare you for the work you will be required to do as a result of your certification, but it would also better prepare for the examination. This is because once you see the concepts coming alive by way for actually carrying out the actions, the ideas and concepts learnt tend to be more cemented in your mind.

Test-Taking Strategies – The examination consists of 250 multiple choice questions and has duration of 6 hours. As much as this may seem like a long time, the examination can be very difficult. Hence it would be good to choose a course that teaches you various strategies that can be used in attempting questions, especially those that tend to be rather tricky.

Practice Questions and Exams – It would also be good to find a CISSP training, that will not only teach you theory but will also give you the opportunity to do some practice questions to familiarize yourself with the structure of questions to be expected. At this point you will be able to really assess yourself and increase your confidence as it relates to actually sitting the examination.

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