SCJP/OCPJCP Certification and Java Programmer

Most people refer to core Java certification as SCJP, but now the name has been changed to OCPJCP after the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. If you are a Java programmer working for various employers as a full-time or part-time employee then you should consider the option of getting certified. The certification will add value to your resume and will attract the potential employers. By getting certified, you will add more knowledge about the Java language and will come to know the internal tactics which we ignore while working on a project. The preparation for the certification should take about 1 month.

Once you have decided to go for the Java certification, there are many resources which one can use to prepare for the exam. It is important to refer the latest resources because the pattern and the kind of questions are constantly reviewed and changed by Oracle. In addition to the various books that are available on the certification preparation, one can also go for the online resources like forums, portals and websites which provide a very good collection of mock exam questions.

After reading the book and going through all the topics, it is very important to appear for some mock exams. The mock exams are designed to give you a feeling of the real exam with similar kind of questions. It is estimated that your score in the real exam should be 10 % more or less than what you get in the mock exams. There are many exam resources available in the internet. In addition to the mock exams, one can also try the chapter wise questions given at the end of almost every book targeted for the Java certification exam.

After you have appeared and passed the exam, you can write the same in your resume with the logo of a OCPJCP that you receive from Oracle after passing the exam. The certification helps you in the fact that if there are more candidates with the same programming experience and knowledge about Java, you will be given more preference.

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