PlayStation Move – What It Does and How It Works

PlayStation Move is a next generation gaming controller which uses motion sensing technology.The advent of this highly sophisticated device has created a new wave which is capturing the imagination of new age gamers. PlayStation 3 was the initial product from Sony computer entertainment gaming factory which was made compatible with Move. The entire console was a modern marvel which succeeded in creating a rich motion experience.

The PlayStation move is controlled by an ARM processor which is called as the “Brain” of the controller. It also contains a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a magnetometer which enables the console system to track the spatial movements of the user. The information is transmitted to the console system via Bluetooth transmitter wirelessly which is embedded into the motherboard of the move. A spherical shaped “Orb” resides at the tip of the controller which in turn contains three LEDs which are capable of emitting varied range of colored lights. The Orb glows with different colors in order to differentiate between multiple controllers. The spatial depth and exact positioning of the controllers from the console camera is measured by the LED edge tracking and detection technology. Apart from serving it’s primary purpose of measuring distance, the orb can also be used as a pointer for selecting different options presented in the graphical user interface. The rechargeable lithium ion battery gives life to the controller and keeps it running. The controller can remain active for a period of 8 to 10 hours when fully charged.

All the components present within the Move play an integral role in creating the rich gaming experience for the users. The “Eye” of the console system is the camera which receives signals from the inertial sensors present in the Move. Be it the swing of the racket or strokes made by the sword, the camera captures all the movements transmitted by the Move wirelessly and sends it to console system for processing. The information exchange and the signal processing happens within the blink of an eye.

The PlayStation move has already created a buzz in the gaming world with its incredible speed and accuracy. Compatible Move accessories like the sharp shooter, racing wheel etc are also available in the market. Games such as “US Navy Seals”, “Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit”, “Resistance:3” etc can be enjoyed by the gamers. With the advent of technically advanced handheld controllers, the future of gaming industry seems quite bright.

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