Money-Making Careers and Strategies For the Gen Y Workforce

Money-Making Careers and Strategies For the Gen Y Workforce

Typical tried-and-true job hunting and money-earning techniques don’t seem to work very well when you’re big on desire but short on experience. Despite appearances and reports to the contrary, the 2010 job market promises a bright future for a “Gen Y” workforce armed with major social networking power and the know-how and drive to wrest hold of their careers.

Strengths that Outweigh Weakness

Cloud computing, phone apps, do-it-yourself video and more, all put the Gen Y workforce on firm 2010 job and money-making career ground. You’re at ease with technology; you see the world as a global community; you’re comfortable with diversity and working in teams; and, you’ve gained self-confidence through revolutionary communications and interactions unheard of just a few years ago. Write a keyword-focused functional resume that includes words on your personal strengths list. Make sure they’re included in targeted positions like fund-raisers, tech and gadget sales and repair, adapting businesses to social networking, web marketing and alternative communications jobs.

You’re not tied to tradition and you’re free to roam the planet. That means you are capable of bringing innovative thoughts and ideas into tired products and markets, and you can go where the action is. Your enthusiasm list for creating a better, safer, greener, healthier and more peaceful world matches the top government funded job stimulus programs. Expand your search to include jobs that offer education and training programs, and require travel to places where demands for your strengths are high.

Remember that summer job at camp or after school on the playground? You’ve got solid experiences that can help turn our education system around. Take a look at teaching and education jobs in a variety of settings; charter, public and private schools, non-profit community education and after-school learning centers all share top job growth forecasts in the coming decade. They’re also perfect places to land part-time and contract positions that can earn extra income and add to your resume while you’re pursuing your own education in specialty or technical fields.

Still having troubles kick-starting your career money machine? Keep looking; but, while you look, don’t miss the cash-generating opportunities that can pay the grocery bill while you’re polishing up your career. Check major metro sites like Craigslist “gigs” for endless ideas about what people need and what you can provide in your own community. You just need to take time to think through the market and what you have to offer.

Teaching & Training: Teach basic, fun skills to the over 50 set. Subjects to consider include: texting and sending pictures with a phone; setting up and using a free email account; internet banking; setting up a social networking page; digital photography and webcams. Teach a weekly homework, math or writing class for the neighborhood children, or through the PTA.

Computers & Tech Support: Offer to do a security checkup on home computers – check updates, virus/adware and spam check, back up hard drives onto internet document service sites or stick drives.

Business & Entrepreneurial Enterprises: Create a neighborhood service. Grocery shop and cook a meal for a house-bound senior or a family with a busy schedule. Babysit or drive/walk some neighborhood kids to or from school. Wash and/or walk the local canines, or offer other pet services like aquarium cleaning or pet care for vacationing owners.

General Skills & Labor: Get a chauffeur’s license and drive a shuttle or delivery van. Landscaping & Yard work. Street Team/Event Marketing- flyers & product distribution. Paid marketing studies & focus-groups.

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