Know More About the Free Android Security Software by Avast

Software security has long been the concern of users worldwide. With the technological advancement it is essential to take this factor into consideration. When the world is fast shrinking and the Smartphone has now become synonymous with computing it is important to create security software. Avast is an extremely popular name known for providing computer security. With its breakthrough in providing software security to Android software it has proved its innovation and credibility. This software by Avast is available for free and it provides security from virus, theft and comprises firewall components.

Let us find out what this software is all about and how it is capable of providing security to android phone users.

Antivirus feature– It provides real-time security and automatic updates. The users get free mobile security feature that provides protection against online threats and is integrated with the Android browser.

Call and SMS security feature- Another amazing feature about this software is the ‘filtering’ option for all calls and SMS. Now the user need not bother about annoying sms and calls that can be barred by specifying phone numbers in a well defined group.

Firewall component– The firewall component is only available to rooted devices to block specified applications. This enables in protecting the device against illegal access. It provides protection against USB bugs so that your device cannot be altered through computer software. It can also enable data connection and GPS module.

Anti- theft feature– An interesting feature that comes with Avast security is that of the anti-theft feature. The user is free to make changes to the anti-theft feature by changing its icon and renaming it in order to hide it from prying eyes. This feature is also capable of operating in a stealth mode for accessing via phone call. This feature enables wiping, tracking and locking of the device. For added security the users can define two numbers so as to receive notification in case of device theft. Later on this can be controlled via SMS.

Special features for rooted devices– The rooted phones are protected against factory resets. The device can be locked via SMS command when the SIM card is changed. The user can utilize the features that enable texting, initiating a call, setting off an alarm, GPS location tracking, data erasing, downloading contacts and even rebooting the phone. It comes packed with security features for rooted devices as well. It provides the users free of cost security for SIM-card change notifications, privacy reports, firewall, call and SMS filtering and application management.

Avast is a Free Mobile Security that is known to provide complete Android security. This security software is known to have surpassed all the other existing commercial products. What is especially attractive is the easy to use display function and its’ capability to provide detailed instructions. It provides complete security to mobile and rooted devices and it is exactly what the user has been looking for.

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