How to choose an insurance company and some of the best Auto Insurance companies in the UK

How to choose an insurance company and some of the best Auto Insurance companies in the UK

There are multiple aspects to consider when shopping for an insurance company. However, most people tend only to only look for insurance companies offering the least quote. While cost-cutting isn’t wrong, when it comes to insurance companies, money comes with value. If you only emphasise on price while, you might be missing the point. The worst part about making a mistake while choosing an insurance company is that you may not immediately know about it. It instead may come to your knowledge after you’ve filed a claim. That’s why you must always use review sites such as the UK collected reviews to read reviews about insurance companies to know how reliable an insurance company is before committing one. This article also helps in choosing an insurance company by offering qualities of a good insurance company. It then reviews some of the best auto insurance companies in the UK.

Qualities that a good insurance company must posses
Experience: A good insurance company should always have competent management. Key staff members of a good insurance company should always have the needed skills and qualifications. They should also be up to date the most recent regulations and policies in the insurance industry. An insurance company’s website will help know whether an insurance company is experienced in a particular area. When an insurance company’s staff are skilled, the company takes pride in showing its key staff members’ profiles. Insurance companies with a blog are an added advantage; such companies update the blogs with articles that are relevant to the specific areas and which will be helpful to clients. This way, clients can be assured that the company has the needed experience in its area of specialisation.

Client service: The quality of customer service delivered by an insurance company, speaks much about the company. Insurance companies aren’t like businesses offering physical goods where you buy the goods and then forget about it; instead, they are service-oriented. A good insurance company should always have a quality client’s service as its major pillar. There should be different communication channels through which client can reach the company, including through email, live chats or through mobile phone. A Vital aspect to look at when it comes to the client service that an insurance company offers is its response time. How long is the response time of the insurance company to your calls? Go for Insurance companies that pick calls or respond to emails instantly.

Financial stability:  Governments usually regulate insurance companies highly. Despite this fact, not all insurance companies effectively manage their resources. To maximise their profit, certain insurance companies invest their revenues to a point where they are left with a little cash to pay for claims. Insurance companies that aren’t stable financially can become bankrupt if too many claims are filed. Looking at an insurance company’s financial statement will help you know its financial status before you can choose it.

Best insurance companies in the UK

According to the survey ratings, Saga PLC made it to the top five list of the best over 50 auto insurance providers. It is a British based insurance company that offers financial services and products for people above 50 years. It also has Auto insurance policies offered at competitive prices and provides high coverage levels, such as protected no claims discount, legal protection and uninsured driver cover.

Admiral insurance company focuses on car insurance. Its clients rated it in different aspects; it received a rating of 8.8 for value for money, 9.2 for ease of purchase and 9.0 for clarity of policy information. Overall it received a rating of 9 out of 10. The company’s car coverage are divided into three; third party, thefts and fire, third party only and comprehensive. The company’s comprehensive coverage offers almost every type of coverage, covering the cost of replacing or repairing the car if it’s maliciously damaged or engaged in an accident, third party, theft and fire. The comprehensive plan also offers various benefits, including extended cover for policyholders driving overseas, windscreen cover and courtesy car.

Direct line group
The direct group brand has a variety of offerings. As far as its auto insurance cover are concerned, it aims at offering high-quality, affordable policies with benefits including onward travel, fair claim commitment and guaranteed hire car.

In conclusion, choosing a reputable insurance company is an essential feature when choosing an insurance company. For car owners in the UK, they need not worry as this article has offered some of the best insurance companies to go for.