Gmail On The Web Is Getting A Facelift That Lets You Hide Apps

That has become easier with the upcoming makeover for Gmail on the web, now with the Material You design language. Users who only have access to Gmail or want to use only Gmail will have a Gmail-only layout that removes any trace of Meet and Chat from the screen (via Google Blog). By default, however, those apps are available in a new navigation bar to the left that contains Mail, Chat, Meet, and Spaces. You can collapse this panel to free up some space, but that also hides the entire list of folders and labels as well.

Aside from the layout changes, the Material You makeover also changes the color scheme and shapes a bit. The compose button is now a rectangle with rounded corners rather than a pill, while the email list view is also sharper and more pronounced. Some might appreciate that Gmail on the web will look more like the Gmail Android app, but those who don’t still have the option to change themes.

The new Gmail with a Material You refresh has started to roll out globally and is available to almost all classes of Google account holders, including those with free personal accounts. The only exceptions, it seems, are Google Workplace Essentials customers, for whatever reason Google has. Now that Gmail on Android and the web have both been updated, Google might finally have some time to make sure that iOS users won’t be left out, though it hasn’t given a hint on when that will happen.