Flash Data Recovery Tool For Next Generation Data Recovery

Along with the development of data storage and information technology, Flash drives are publicly recognized as the first chosen media to store the data among all storage media. It is undoubtedly that Flash drives have brought the storage era into another generation and tools used for flash data recovery is also on the urgent demanding.

The Flash Drive is one among the most popular storage devices today. It consists of NAND-type flash memory storage device, which is mostly used in memory cards and USB Flash drives. A flash drive has several benefits over other removable or portable data storage devices. They operate faster, have more condensed space, have more sturdy design, easy to carry, store huge amount of data and above all they are very much reliable as they do not contain any moving component. Data stored on flash drives are impervious to scratches and dust, and flash drives are mechanically very robust making them suitable for transporting data from place to place and keeping it readily at hand. Then it has been adopted popularly in people’s daily life.

Flash drives also store data densely compared to other movable media like DVD and floppy disks. Compared to hard drives, flash drives use little power, have no fragile moving parts. What’s more, some flash drives retain their memory even after being submerged in water, even through a machine wash. Due to these advantages, Flash devices are mostly used in personal data transporting, system administration, audio player, backup.etc.

In spite of being more reliable than other data storage devices, which contain moving components, the flash drive may also fail at any point of time. Like all flash memory devices, flash drives can sustain only a limited number of write and erase cycles before failure. This should be a consideration when using a flash drive to run application software or an operating system. Once the read/write access to the flash drives has been used up, then data loss occurs. In this situation, it is urgently required to find the data back.

Like other storage device, data loss happening on flash devices also can be divided into logical failure and physical failure. In order to well perform flash data recovery, a professional data recovery tool will be very important to determine the final data you will find back.

For logical failure, there are too many software can be used and you can easily download from internet. However, for physical problem, you need apply a professional data recovery tool contains the in-depth algorithm and can analyze the data structure completely.

In present market, we can see there are some professional data recovery tools can be used for flash data recovery: PC3000-flash tool, soft-center, SalvationDATA Flash Doctor, etc. However, due to the different adoption of the memory chips and the storage arithmetic for the chips, most of these tools can not have a good support list for flash disks in present market.

While, among these tools, SalvationDATA Flash doctor data recovery tool is the outstanding one. Flash Doctor data recovery tools has been released by SalvationDATA-world famous data recovery tool and data recovery solution provider. With years of research and experience in data recovery tools, Flash Doctor data recovery tools is one of the unique accomplishment among all the data recovery tools. Flash Doctor is dedicated to recovering data from flash patient drives with logical malfunctions, bad blocks, controller malfunctions or electronic problems, what’s more important, Flash doctor provides solution to detected flash drives with bad parameters caused by flash firmware loss or corruption. Even more, Flash disks who is locked by the manufactures. This kind of data recovery is based on the file system (FAT,NTFS,etc) This is a breakthrough data recovery solution in the world for flash memory based storage devices.

Looking over the technical documents of SalvationDATA Flash Doctor, we can configure out some shinning points here:

1. The Universal algorithm makes it available for SalvationDATA Flash Doctor data recovery tool to support all flash manufacturers and controllers based on the files system of FAT and NT while the competition supports a limited controllers and manufacturers;
2. Flash Doctor data recovery tool has a unique way of diagnosing the patient flash drives according to the file system. By this method, Flash Doctor will aren’t several virtual algorithm models by which all the read data will be verified accordingly and finally rebuild. In this way, the operation related to firmware layer will never be involved. People will never worry about the type of controller or manufacturer while others diagnose by the controller;
3. Flash Doctor supports both the 8-bit and 16-bit data read at a higher successful rate; while other tools only can support 8 bits.
4. Flash Doctor supports a much wider range of adjustable voltages between 0.9V-5V which enables the doctor to cover the future development of flash drives with lower voltages;
5. Flash Doctor supports a comprehensive range of page capacity such as 528 bytes and its multiples or 2064 and its multiples, etc.
6. Flash Doctor applies a high quality material chip workstation which can be more stable and durable. Additional, a spare chip workstation is provided for replacing. However, the chip workstation in other tools is solid and cannot be replaced. With the increase of using time, the chipset will become unstable, and then the tools cannot work well anymore.

You are the decision-maker. It is you who can work out the choice and it is the tool which can promote your reputation and increase your business. How to judge is just to compare. Then you will know which one is the most effective solution for your flash data recovery.

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