CompassCom – Real Time GPS Telematics Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a solution for fleet management or a specialized industry, you can find it in the CompassCom real-time GPS telematics solutions suite. CompassTrac, CompassLDE, Geotab, and CompassUniversity are some available solutions. Here we’ll go through their features. To get started, download CompassTrac or CompassLDE, or explore the CompassUniversity learning center.

CompassCom real-time telematics solutions

CompassCom provides real-time GPS telematics solutions that empower mobile workers with enhanced safety and productivity. Using Esri ArcGIS, CompassCom products are fully configurable to match workflow and organizational needs. CompassCom solutions support a range of mobile devices and can deliver real-time GPS telematics and analytics. For more information, visit The benefits of a CompassCom solution are clear. By providing true situational awareness, customers experience enhanced safety, accountability, and operational excellence.

CompassTrac telematics solutions are easy to use, affordable and scalable. CompassLDE, a universal automatic vehicle location server, integrates location data from GPS-enabled hardware from all major wireless carriers. Users can view real-time location data and create alerts for varying conditions, such as a police cruiser straying outside predefined geographic boundaries. Third-party developers can also customize CompassCom’s solutions.

CompassCom fleet and asset tracking solutions

CompassCom fleet and asset tracking solutions is a universal automatic vehicle location server and mobile resource management system that integrates location data from GPS-enabled hardware and most wireless networks. CompassLDE is capable of tracking high-value assets across multiple fleets simultaneously. CompassCom fleet and asset tracking solutions also supports hundreds of combinations of GPS-enabled hardware and wireless networks. It is available as a cloud-based service or as an on-premises system.

CompassCom has also released the CompassLDE Connector, enabling organizations to use the Esri ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor to track mobile resources. It can also support different departments with a single telematics solution. Besides GPS-enabled mobile resources, CompassLDE also supports IT security requirements. With CompassLDE, enterprises can monitor a mobile workforce from a single dashboard.

Provides real-time access to fleet and asset location information

The CompassUniversity Real-Time GPS Telematic solution provides real-time access to fleet and asset location information. Its solutions leverage wireless technologies and Esri ArcGIS to enable better situational awareness, operational excellence, and sustainability. Its solution includes all the components a fleet manager needs to stay in control. The system is designed to provide accurate location information in real-time, allowing managers and fleet managers to focus on operations and safety.

The COMPASS system will offer two levels of service. The open service is free for civilians and offers up to 10 meters of positioning, 20 nanoseconds of timing, and 0.2 meter/second velocity accuracy. The authorized service has even more precise accuracy. These solutions will likely include short-message communications. The regional-system phase is nearing completion, and the scheduled constellation is almost complete. Researchers and industry professionals have long been interested in the real-time precise positioning service.

Benefits of using CompassCom GPS fleet tracking solution

The CompassCom GPS fleet tracking solution allows you to keep track of your vehicles’ performance, including fuel efficiency, idle time, and engine hours. This tool will help you know when to schedule service and replace vehicles. It also helps optimize your trips to minimize mileage and carbon dioxide emissions. The tracking solution can even help you find the nearest provider. A map view can be customized for your needs, as can the shape of a zone. CompassCom GPS fleet tracking system will send information to the nearest service center when your fleet needs service.

Improving safety and efficiency

Whether your fleet vehicles are large or small, you can benefit from telematics solutions. GPS technology helps drivers find the fastest routes and avoid traffic jams. It also allows fleet managers to geofence drivers by the corridor, preventing them from deviating from their designated routes. These solutions also enable fleet managers to monitor their fleet vehicles’ condition and track driver behaviors, improving safety and efficiency.