Carver M-400 Amplifier Repair Keeps The 1980’s Alive

Carver is a famous identify in audio equipment despite the fact that they have been regarded to use odd names for factors. For instance, the 1980’s vintage M-400 magnetic subject electric power amplifier that [JohnAudioTech] is fixing (see the two videos beneath). That seems like something off a negative Star Trek remake, but, evidently, we weren’t by yourself in contemplating that, judging by this 1982 overview of the unit from a United kingdom journal.

Even now, it is an attention-grabbing superior-electric power amplifier and we enjoy seeing equipment of this age torn apart. The beast is rated at 201 watts — you have to speculate if the extra watt is a different marketing and advertising ploy.

There had been truly two models and they appeared very very good for 4-ten years-old containers. A single sounded quite very good exterior of some obvious buzzing. The other experienced a little something shorted inside of. If you enjoy observing restore films, you will take pleasure in this two-parter.

We have to admit — and it may well be a personal bias — there is anything far more pleasing about viewing a PCB populated with a bunch of exciting-hunting through-gap factors. Modern day boards with a sea of surface mount sections have a tendency to look a minimal bland, aesthetically talking. Of system, when it will come time to make our have boards, we are happy to use SMD and forego all that gap drilling!

We like viewing pc mend movies, in distinct. Or from time to time, one thing truly unique.