Bowers & Wilkins Introduces Their Best Headphone Ever; the Px8

Today Bowers & Wilkins has announced their flagship wireless ANC headphone for 2022. It’s called the Px8 and it will sell for $699.

At first glance the Px8 seems like a premium version of the Px7 S2 that we just reviewed, which sells for $399. The headphones look nearly identical and share many features in common, including the same active noise calling wireless platform. The main difference should come down to sound quality if the all-new bespoke 40mm Carbon Cone drive units in the Px8 are as good as suggested.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless ANC Headphones Tan

Bowers & Wilkins claims the Px8’s new Carbon Cone drivers deliver an unparalleled combination of ultra-fast response plus exceptionally low distortion throughout the frequency range. The company claims they’ll reproduce resolution, detail and timing that surpasses the high bar set by the Px7 S2, ensuring an even more engaging and natural musical performance.

The Carbon Cone drive units in Px8 are carefully angled inside each earcup to ensure a consistent distance relative to the listener’s ear from every point across the surface of each driver, to produce a more immersive and highly accurate soundstage.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless ANC Headphones Black


The Px8 headphone is available in two finishes, black leather or tan leather, and now has a cast-aluminum arm structure that references Bowers & Wilkins signature design language, plus a diamond-cut bright edge on each elliptical logo plate. The earcups, memory-foam cushions and headband are trimmed in soft, luxurious Nappa leather for the ultimate, premium feel.

Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless ANC Headphones Bottom


Px7 S2 Px8
MSRP $399 $699
Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.2
Hybrid Noise Cancellation Hybrid Noise Cancellation
Wear-Detection Sensor Wear-Detection Sensor
USB-C charging USB-C charging
Bluetooth Codecs aptX Adaptive
aptX HD
aptX Adaptive
aptX HD
Bluetooth Profiles A2DP A2DP
BLE GATT (Generic Attribute Profile)  BLE GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) 
Drive Units 2 x ø 40mm dynamic full range bio cellulose driver  2 x ø 40mm dynamic full range custom carbon driver 
Microphone 4x mics for ANC 4x mics for ANC
2x mics for telephony  2x mics for telephony 
Distortion <0.1% (1kHz/10mW)  <0.1% (1kHz/10mW) 
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Polymer  Rechargeable Lithium Ion 
Battery Life 30 hours playback  30 hours playback 
Charge USB-C  USB-C 
Charge Time 2 hours 2 hours
15 min charge for 7 hours battery life  15 min charge for 7 hours battery life 
Inputs Bluetooth, USB-C Audio  Bluetooth, USB-C Audio 
In-box Accessories 1.2m USB-C to 3.5mm stereo jack audio cable
1.2m USB-C to USB-C cable
1.2m USB-C to 3.5mm stereo jack audio cable
1.2m USB-C to USB-C cable
Dimensions (Carry Case) 189mm (w) x 63mm (d) x 233mm (h) 189mm (w) x 63mm (d) x 233mm (h)
Weight (without carry case)  307g 320g
Bowers & Wilkins Px8 Wireless ANC Headphones Controls Black


Physical controls on each earcup provide full control without touching your smartphone. Users can also use the Px8 to seamlessly launch their phone’s Voice Assistant at the touch of a button.

With 30 hours of battery life, Px8 can play all day long on just one charge. Meanwhile a 15-minute quick recharge is sufficient to provide up to seven hours of additional listening time.

Improved App

The Bowers & Wilkins Music App has been upgraded to coincide with the release of the Px8 (and also works with Px7 S2). The Music App simplifies connection of the Px8 to a mobile device, supports fine-tuning of the sound through adjustable EQ, and allows owners to configure their preferred noise-cancelling mode, all while monitoring the headphone’s charge levels.


Price & Availability

The Bowers & Wilkins Px8 wireless noise cancelling headphones are available today (September 28, 2022) for $699.

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