An Apple search engine could provide a real alternative to Google

With WWDC now just times absent the rumor mill is spinning, and one particular interesting rumor is that Apple is building its personal search motor. Google is now so synonymous with search that it’s typically used as the verb. Most persons would say, ‘just Google it’, instead than ‘search the internet’ and that’s not always good for the market. 

At the time upon a time, there ended up a lot of options when it arrived to research engines. Yahoo, Alta Vista, Teoma, and who could forget about Inquire Jeeves (now check But because its launch in 1998, Google has developed and grown, primarily due to the fact it was the very best. 

There are, of training course, nevertheless plenty of other solutions for lookup, like Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo but the concept of an Apple research motor is exciting. According to our sister web site, Tech Radar (opens in new tab), blogger Robert Scoble included a search engine in a listing of bulletins he expects from Apple this 12 months, based on conversations with resources and some deduction. 

Ask Jeeves browser from 2000

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Apple (like Google) has been concentrating on securing users’ privacy, so pointing its Safari browser to a third-social gathering research engine like Google has lengthy been a sticking place.