How To Increase Sales On Your B2C ECommerce Portal

According to Patrick Wolf, CEO of Business to Business eCommerce, “In today’s competitive world of business, there is no question about the fact that online presence brings an edge to any type of business. With an Internet presence, companies are in a position to sell their products to the global market in no time. The best way to reach out to a larger audience is by creating an online store and B2B portal.”

Bring in more profit for eCommerce businesses

The statement above by Patrick Wolf puts forth the notion that B2B portals bring in more profit for eCommerce businesses, which ultimately results in a greater investment in the B2B segment. However, it is certainly not due to technical issues or because of a lack of adequate resources. The real reason why more companies resort to this option is that they can get features that their existing websites are lacking. As such, some of the most noteworthy features of the Business to Business eCommerce site’s features include personalization of products or services, online catalogs displays, multi-pricing, Paypal integration, inventory management, sales tracking, and order fulfillment among others. This type of portal allows customers to manage their businesses and to make purchases from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Social Media Integration

Another significant aspect of the Business to Business eCommerce site’s features is social media integration. One of the many reasons why the social media industry has become so popular amongst all types of businesses is because of the convenience that it gives to users. The more we can provide convenience to our customers through the means of social media, the more they tend to come back to us again. This means that if you want to increase the number of people who visit your website, you should resort to implementing social media features into your B2B ecommerce portal. You can use Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, FourSquare, and other popular social media portals for this purpose.

Online Catalogs Displays

Another feature that the Business to Business eCommerce site features is online catalogs displays. This feature is essential because it allows users to personalize the buying experience. For example, a buyer may purchase a laptop and attach a picture of the laptop with the price that they paid for it. A buyer could also add the URL of the company’s official Facebook page where they can connect with other buyers and sellers. As such, through this feature, the buyer becomes a part of the buying process – from purchasing the product to acquiring the service or paying for it.

Social media feeds

Social media enables business online users to interact with each other through social media websites, thereby boosting the marketing and sales of products and services on your b2c eCommerce portal. For instance, if a user likes a blog post, they can “like” it on Facebook, which will then appear in their news feed, and they can see it as they continue to browse through their feed. Likewise, if a person likes a YouTube video, they can “tag” it so that it will show up as a notification in the feed of the YouTube application on their Facebook page. These social media feeds are tools in increasing the number of people who visit your site and increase the sales of your products and services on your b2c eCommerce portal.

Online shopping carts

Finally, you can use online shopping carts. This is essential because these enable easy and smooth online sales for buyers and sellers. The buyer does not have to physically leave their home to buy the items and then take them home to sell. Customers only have to place the order in their browser, and the items will be delivered to them via registered mail. Thus, buyers can now shop for their items, and sellers can now efficiently manage inventory stock on their portal. It is one of the best ways to increase your sales and profits on your B2C eCommerce portal!