Few Tricks To Hire PHP Developers For The Non-Techies

Few Tricks To Hire PHP Developers For The Non-Techies

If you are a project manager for your company or if you have a website of your own, it becomes a crucial responsibility for you to come up with the right person who fits the job. The PHP programmer becomes a crucial part of the website development company but selecting the right programmer for the job becomes a tad too tedious. This article would look into some of the tips and tricks to select the PHP developer who would be right for the job. This article is directed towards the website owners or the web masters who do not have the in-depth knowledge in PHP development.

i) What role does the PHP developers plays?

The aspect of programming plays a very crucial role in the development of your website. It is the programmer who transforms your thoughts and imaginations into reality and he is the first person in the process to do so.

There have been several instances in your life where your mind was filled with ideas to come up with a brand new website. It was only the lack of the right web programmer you were not able to imply your idea the right way.

So it becomes very important for you to hire the right web developer to convert your ideas into reality. An infrastructure is definitely needed for the hosting of the website, but only after the website is fully prepared.

For an aspiring website owner the idea is everything thus making the major amount of investment in website development only. So hiring a developer who can handle the process of the website development becomes the need of the moment. The following lines of the article would be segregating the categories of PHP developers you can choose from.

ii) The Types of the PHP Programmers you will get

The PHP programmers is divided into 3 major types namely – a) Beginner Level PHP Programmer, b) Mid level PHP Programmers and c) Advanced or senior level PHP programmers.

a) Beginner Level PHP programmers

In colloquial terms of the industry, these types of programmers are called the fresher. They have just completed training in PHP programming and they belong to a very nascent stage of their experience. Even though they play an active role in the development process, they do require the guidance from the supervisors. They are very useful in developing elements which are very trivial for the website. Something with the likes of database manipulation or creating a simple form is ideally suitable for their job.

b) Mid- Level PHP programmers

These people have already been experienced in PHP development for some days. They are able enough to take up responsibility of bringing your ideas into reality. They are skilled enough and have a good hold in the subject.

c) Advanced or Senior level PHP developers

These developers are seasoned enough to offer the exact resources which would be beneficial for your business. They should have years of experience in website integration, maintenance and enhancement as well as website design and development in customized e-commerce. They are thoroughly hardened in the areas of Content management applications, Social Networking application as well as multimedia applications.

iii) Sources to hire these developers

a) PHP User Group: You can find a nice lot of PHP developers from the PHP user groups. Take a note of their policies about posting your job notices. Go according to the policies for applying for the job post.

b) Freelancing Web Portals:

Freelancing Portals are a good source where you would be able to find PHP Developers who can work for you on a part-time basis.

c) Certified Web Development Company

These organizations let you hire on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis payment options. The PHP developers from these organizations are extremely skillful in their area.

iv) How will you hire the right programmer for your project?

a) Focus on the experience:

The identity of a good PHP developer goes by the amount of experience he has throughout his life. By going through the experiences you will be getting hold of the developer’s knowledge and skill in the subject.

b) Portfolio check

The work portfolio which the developer is carrying with him would give you the gist of the projects; he has been busy with in his past. You would have the fair amount of idea of how good he is in his projects.

c) Technical Know-how

Along with the basic knowledge of PHP development, make sure that your candidate should have the knowledge of a variety of frameworks including XHTML, HTML, AJAX, MySQL, Zen and Cake PHP.

d) Interpersonal Skills

The basic nature of the person can be derived from his skills in interpersonal communication. If your candidate fails to communicate properly, he would fail to build the proper connection with the client. You should keep a tag on the verbal communication of the prospective developer.

e) Flexibility

Working for different frameworks should become mandatory when you are selecting the right developer for the job.

So these are a few tips and tricks which will help you to find the right PHP developer for the job. Happy hunting and all the best for your website!

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