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Know the Difference Between a Standard Brazilian Blowout Versus a Keratin Hair Treatment

There have been several ways done by women in the past on how to straighten their hair. During periods when flat ironed, straight hair was a trend, this effort was especially tried. The simplest manner of which women used to straighten their hair was to lay their hair on the ironing board, and imagine them ironing their hair just to get them flat.

In the case of the African American community, the women here would use pressing combs first, then follow it up with the use of a chemical straightening relaxers in order to make their hair straight. The procedure actually is effective, but some groups of women find the ingredients too harsh for their hair like the Caucasians, and this became a problem. For Latina women, there are special concerns where some of them have slightly frizzy hair and some of them have curly hair, where they all like to have their hair permanently straight in order to save time and effort.

For the above reasons, there came about solutions which came from a Latin country in South America called Brazil, where two versions of straightening solutions such as Brazilian blowout and the Brazilian keratin solution were introduced.

The method in the Brazilian blowout is that an application of a chemical to the client’s hair is required. After applying the chemical on the woman’s hair, she is then prepared to have the traditional blowout. There are concerns about this process, where the main issue is the use of formaldehyde, where the woman has to use a military grade mask just to be able to withstand the fumes from the chemical applied on her hair. The situation is viewed as extremely dangerous, thereby a new manner of straightening was developed.

This new development of Brazilian hair straightening came about and it is called keratin straightening solution. The process of this new technique starts with an application of a keratin conditioner, and then finished off with a flat iron that is extremely hot, then the woman is warned not wet her hair nor apply hair accessories within 72 hours. With this procedure, the chemical is allowed to take hold of the hair, keeping the strands straight and shiny. But the process has its risk too when many companies found other ways to make an inferior version of the product by developing formulas still containing formaldehyde, and so clients are advised only to use conditioning products from brands that do not use toxic chemicals.

With the above complexity on hand for any chemical hair process, you are advised to have a professional perform the application for your hair straightening.

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